Trying to get a global perspective

With my brief interlude in Paris, with a rich encounter with Australian writer and journalist Barbara Briggs in Milan, and with such a charged election night in the US, all of my global perception has been completely awoken in the last four days. And with it, a lot of questions about the reality of feminicide and domestic violence all around the world, and not just in Italy.

While interviewing Barbara, who has extensively written about child abuse, and whose husband is a therapist amongst Aborigen groups in Australia, I suddenly realized that apart from reading a report done by the South African NGO Gender Links (suggested to me by Mona Hakimi), my knowledge of other realities is very limited.

And yet, this perspective is fundamental, because it is fundamental to argue about cultural specificities in closer and larger contexts. How is domestic and gender based violence connected to Italian culture? How is to connected to a broader Western culture? How is connected to other cultural realities?

Finally, and maybe most importantly, how has the globalization and the affirmation of human rights around the globe during the past 60-70 years affected gender based violence? What role does gender, and lack of gender, play in out conception of the construction of “a better world”? And how does gender come in as a component, as a key element in an analysis of the world – other key elements could be post-colonialism, racism, non-Western perceptions and societal structures, post-WW2 historiography, just to name a few?

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