Third read through

We are approaching the moment I dread the most in the creative process: blocking. And after the past days’ wonderful work of text editing, rhythm explorations and conceptual settlement, it almost feels like a shame to dread anything at all…

It is a shame that I get this terror, this blankness. I mean, I am surrounded by a wonderful company; Giovanna, after a six-hour dreadful journey back to Spoleto from Lugano, was immediately on her feet, discussing and exploring, a Kindle in her hand (because we ran out of paper and ink…), Mia accepting almost every cut with a laugh, Andrea and Giulia, after 2-4-6 days of hunting ceramists and material providers, jumped literally into the rehearsal room, throwing balls like pros, sticks like juggling masters. “Nerinova Kokosvskaya”, or something like that, was my nickname this afternoon as 2 sticks were flying across our circle, “you must suffer for your art”, were the words of encouragement for the bewildered Giulia… Everybody with a smile on their face. Everybody with a joke in their pocket. And an incredible joy in their hearts.

So what is there to be scared of?

Blocking comes and goes. Concepts are grabbed and slip away. Moments ring true one moment, and are gone the next.

There is nothing to be scared of. Just, maybe, of the immensity, of the countless possibilities, forms our expression could take. Of the power, flexibility, openness it takes to listen to everything and stir things in the right direction.

Standing among shards of ceramic vases, plates, jugs, salt containers, those bones we are about to play with, we will find what there is to be found through this adventure. It just takes the courage to take a leap, of faith, of breath, of hope. Of confidence in the magic of our work.

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